HealthConsult’s project team draws on pre-existing relationships with Health Policy Analysis (HPA) and Health Outcomes International (HOI).

These three Firms have experience in working together on significant national projects.  

These Firms include a number of Australia’s leading health data management experts: Joe Scuteri and Lisa Fodero (HealthConsult); Jim Pearse and Deniza Mazevska (HPA) and Lilian Lazarevic (HOI).  

The project team will be supported by Australian and International subject matter expert panels that will provide further input into the Framework development process.

The Australian Expert Advisory Panel (AEAP) consists of Professor Robyn McDermott; Professor Louisa Jorm; Mr. David Filby; and Mr. Tim Smith.

The International Expert Advisory Panel (IEAP) consists of Professor Charles Safran; Ms. Jillian Oderkirk; Dr. Leslie Roos; and Professor Iain Buchan. 

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